R&D center

AVIC UmeDisc's research and development (R&D) center is constituted by a professional team of experts with master’s and doctoral degrees.  We are researching the next generations of optical discs and new production techniques continuously.  We have also actively participated in drafting the new standard of the optical disc industry in China.  Our R&D center is appointed as Optical Storage Engineering, Technology and Research Center by Henan Province of China.

We have invested a lot in the world-class and most advance optical disc testers and equipments to develop our own products one by one such as DVD+/-R 16x and mini DVD-R previously, then BD-R 25GB & 50GB, BD-RE and so on.  All our discs are in good quality and meet the strictest technical specifications in the industry.

We developed our media codes (MID) independently which have been supported by all major optical disc drives on the market.  All our discs obtain invention patent authorization from PHILIPS (Philips LSCD), SONY (Sony), JVC and DVD FLLC.  BD-R products also obtain the authorization from Blue Ray Disc Association.



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